About Official Publications Online

Official Publications Online is a new web based subscription service from TSO that offers instant, searchable access to official publications, including:

  • Legislation
  • Command and House papers
  • Hansard
  • Bills
  • The Vote Bundle
  • Select Committee Reports
  • Public Bill Committee Debates

Official Publications Online gives you:

  • All the official publications you need in one place with no need to search through different websites
  • PDF availability on the day of publication so that you have instant access
  • Single, comprehensive search engine across all official publications to make it easier to find the information you need
  • Customisable email alerting service and RSS feeds to keep you up to date.

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Official Publications Online content includes:


  • UK Legislation
  • Scottish Legislation
  • Northern Ireland Legislation
  • Welsh Legislation

Command and House Papers including:

  • Green Papers
  • White Papers
  • Annual Report and Accounts
  • Departmental Reports
  • Treaty Series

Parliamentary Publications:

  • Hansard
  • Bills and Amends
  • The Vote Bundle
  • Select Committee Reports


You choose the publications you need, the formats you need them in and we agree a single price, paid for with a single annual invoice

  • Network licences are available to provide access to multiple users
  • Six month archive of information included for ‘early bird’ subscribers

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